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Glorawenn and Andranel had a great time at this year's Winterfest on Crickhollow. Many thanks to the Second Breakfast kindred and the bands who came out this weekend to share their music with us.

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Now that we're in the holiday season, it's time for Glorawenn to saddle her Steed of Winter Winds.

Winter Winds Steed
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Yesterday my fellowship managed to achieve Kindred status with the Malladhrim (a faction of Lothlorien Elves who have ventured into Mirkwood). The faction offers two mounts which can be bartered for. Being a hunter who likes to keep to the shadows when tracking the enemy, Glorawenn chose the Smokey Black Steed.

Andranel went with the other mount which I will share screens of in the next entry. Glorawenn, Andranel, and Calcia also all received the Elf Ambassador's Horse which is a reward for reaching Kindred with all three of the elven factions (Elves of Rivendell, Galadhrim (Lothlorien), and Malladhrim (Mirkwood). Screens of this meta-deed mount will also be shared in a future entry.

For now, here are screens of Glorawenn's new smokey black steed. I know the lighting isn't great in these shots, but Mirkwood is a dark forest unlike the Golden Wood of Lothlorien.


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As my fellowship of characters moves deeper into Mirkwood, they have upgraded their cosmetic armor to help them blend better with their surroundings. Hopefully the orcs, wargs, and goblins which have infested the forest won't see them coming.


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As I mentioned in my old blog at Live Journal, I often multi-box when playing LOTRO. I created enough characters on my three accounts to cover each of the game's crafting skills, but I only seriously play six of them in groups of three. I tend to refer to these groups of characters as "First String" and "Second String". Although I've mentioned these characters and have shared screenshots, I've never gotten around to introducing them and sharing their back-stories. Therefore this entry will talk about the three characters in the First String. I'll introduce the three characters which make up the Second String in a future entry. Read more )
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One of the many things I love about LOTRO is the ability to customize your character's appearance. Your character can wear his or hers mismatched armor with valuable stats, yet still look good with a vast selection of appearance/cosmetic armor.

There are quite a few LOTRO clothing blogs out there that give excellent suggestions for putting outfits together, one of which is The LOTRO Stylist. A few months ago I read her entry about how she created an outfit that was based on the costume worn my Tauriel in the Hobbit movies. Since my main character Glorawenn is a Mirkwood elf, I decided to create this outfit on her using the LOTRO stylist's suggestions.


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