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Don't hate them for being beautiful.

Yes, I'm still gushing over them. Not only do I really like this horse and pony, but I didn't expect to ever be able to get them. They were originally available before I started playing ESO and I didn't expect them to ever be available in the store again.

But for a limited time they were and now they're mine! All mine! ;)
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Glorawen and her adorable palomino pony take a moment to enjoy the view before heading out to gather crafting materials.

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The day these lovely equines were available has at last arrived. The pretty palominos are mine.

Edited to add a shot from the character select screen. Love all the gold.

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Life continues so...

Here is Glorawen (from Elder Scrolls Online) wearing the new Deepwoods Pod-Singer Tunic which was added to the Crown store today.

Now she is eagerly waiting for February 14th when she can get the White-Gold Imperial Courser mount and the matching White-Gold Imperial Pony pet. I love palomino equines and can't pass these up.

I may not have a lot of time to actually play the game right now, but when I do, Glorawen will have plenty of pretty things to keep her happy.
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Cross posting to my various journals;

I haven't been active due to preparing to move, but now something else has happened to pull me away from my projects for a while. My father passed away today.

Rest in peace, Dad. I'll see you later in Heaven.
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It's been a while since I've done a LOTRO outfit post, but I was so pleased with the way my character's current outfit matched her war steed's new gear that I felt motivated to put one together.

The 2018 Harvest Festival gave us the Harbinger war steed gear, which includes a head piece, but the LOTRO war steeds have such pretty heads and manes that I usually leave my steed's head uncovered. The "saddle pad" piece, which can be dyed, works very well with the Dunlending Jacket, which can be obtained as a quest reward or bartered for in the Dunlend zone.

In these screens, Glorawenn's and her steed's gear is dyed sea blue. The combination also looks nice in Forest Green.

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Today marked the end of my husband's vacation and he went to work this morning, which means today was the beginning of my "new normal".

I love our other cat Belle, but admittedly she is not the most comforting cat at a time like this. She is almost sixteen years old, and therefore spends most of her time burrowed under blankets sleeping.

Belle greeted me when I came out to the kitchen this morning, checked her food and water dishes when I refilled them, and then ambled off somewhere for a morning nap. I didn't see or hear her until mid afternoon when she decided to come out and tell me that it was getting close to dinner time.

During those hours when my husband is at work and Belle is sleeping, I am alone with Willow's absence.

I didn't spend the day crying at my desk like I thought I would, but I can't say that this was a good day. Willow was always hanging out here in my home office, or tagging along when I did laundry or other household chores. So there is nothing I can do to not be faced with a reminder that Willow is gone.
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The vet's office just called to let us know that Willow's ashes are ready to be picked up along with a clay imprint of her paw.

There is a shelf high on the wall in the corner of the room where I have placed the container that holds my first cat Mina's ashes. Willow was always trying to jump up to that shelf. I would then tell her that she didn't belong up there. the last six or seven months that we're living in this house I'm going to be placing Willow's ashes on the shelf beside Mina's.

Damn it, this shouldn't have happened! Willow, you don't belong up there!

Edited to add: After fastening her collar around the box, I placed Willow's ashes on the shelf next to Mina's. Willow is home. Not in the way I would like her to be, but she's home.
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My precious cat, my Willow, had a stroke early today and passed away. My husband and I are both a wreck. We had no idea when we woke up today that our hearts would be broken.

I can't do any writing right now. Right now I have to grieve. I have to come to terms with what happened today.

My older cat Belle doesn't seem to know that her sister is gone. She probably thinks that Willow is sleeping in some other part of the house. But when a day goes by and Belle doesn't see will be bad. They were not biological sisters, but may as well have been. They were friends. They were best buddies.

Belle is going to grieve. It's going to be bad. She'll feel as heart broken as I am feeling right now. I can hardly see what I'm typing due to crying so hard. writing or role-playing right now. Right now I have to grieve. Right now I have to cry.

I love you, Willow my Bear.

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As those who play LOTRO know, peacock and peahen cosmetic pets were added to the game for this year's summer festival. During the festival, Glorawenn and Andranel managed to get the both the blue and the green set of peacocks and peahens.

Today they were able to find the white peacok and peahen on the auction house, so they now have all the peacock/peahen pets that are currently available in the game.

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Aeronwen is now ready to take another big step in her journey; it's time to move out of the rented room at the Halfway Tavern and live like a ranger. Through a lot of hard work that involved hunting and selling mudcrab meat as well as selling crafting projects that she's created, she now has a tent as well as cooking and crafting supplies.

On the night of the last evening that she had rented the room, Aeronwen must have changed her mind half a dozen times about whether or not to move on from Pelagiad, or rent the room for another week. In the end, she packed up all of her belongings and moved them into the containers that came with the tent. In the morning she'll load everything into Oliver the donkey's pack and head out. Where? She doesn't know yet.

Here is her new living area, which is rather cozy in its own way. She'll need to get some fabric and straw so she can sew a pillow for herself.

She also made a small bench out of scrapwood to hold her personal grooming items (and her ash statue). She'll make a proper end table when her wood-working skills are a little higher.

At this point her journey will start to deviate a bit from the fanfic in [personal profile] lady_morningstar, but as I mentioned in a previous entry, I'll start writing some "lost tales" ficlets, which will consist of adventures that her annoying editor cut from the official story.
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Last night I finished the "Mebestian's Shop Assistant" questline from the LGNPC_Pelagiad mod. I don't know what happened between this version and the previous version of the mod I was using, but I had to use the console to add the journal codes in order to move the quests along almost every step of the way. Not even moving the mod to the bottom of my load list helped. I did a search and saw that a lot of users are having the same problem.

It's shame that the questline now seems to be bugged since the story and the dialog is quite amusing. Oh well. Although it was immersion breaking to have to keep opening the console, it was still fun to roleplay Aeronwen's time in Pelagiad, where she learns that she has the ability to survive on her own, becomes more comfortable talking to people and gets over her shyness. I love the way she gets the somewhat rude voice greetings when she first arrives in Pelagiad, but by the time she's ready to move on everyone sounds happy to see her. To listen to the NPCs now, Aeronwen seems to be the most liked person in Pelagiad. ;)

Before I have her head north toward Redoran territory I going to have Aeronwen do some side quests that she didn't do during the last play through, such as getting Goldbrand along with some quests that are added to the Vivec Foreign Quarter by the LGNPC mods.
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The main/GHD quest of The Archer's Tale is now finally transferred and reposted over here at Dreamwidth. So now it's time to think about what else I might want to do with the [personal profile] lady_morningstar blog. Due to the fact that at this time Dreamwidth doesn't give us as much image space as I had over at Live Journal, I don't think I want to do any really long quests. Plus I recently restarted my game from the beginning with updated LGNPC mods.

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Aeronwen really wants me to let her buy the Ascadian Rose Cottage. On her way to Balmora to buy a ranger's shield, she paused to admire the way the sun was shining through the trees around the cottage.

I can't blame her for wanting the cottage. It looks like a peaceful place to live, and at this point in the game she has no idea that she's meant to accomplish great things in House Redoran and House Dagoth. At the moment, living quietly like a hermit with her pets sounds like an ideal life.

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Before going any further into my current game, I decided to check out the website for the Less Generic NPC mods (LGNPC) and saw that quite a few of their mods have been updated since my previous Morrowind play-through, so I downloaded the updated versions and used Wrye Mash to swap the old versions for the new and cleaned all of my saves.

I like their new version of LGNPC Seyda Neen better than the old version (which I understand was made by someone else). The character backstories for the characters makes more sense, especially when the Children of Morrowind mod is installed. For example, in the old version, the Altmer womer Eldafire says that she is a spinster and strongly indicates that she has never been intimately involved with anyone. But with Children of Morrowind there is a small Altmer girl that follows Eldafire around. When one is deeply roleplaying, as I tend to do, the player immediately wonders, "so where did this child come from?"

In the newest versions of the LGNPC mods, there are variables put in place that tells the mod whether or not you're using Children of Morrowind and allows dialog that mentions the children to appear. So in the newest version of LGNPC, Eldafire's backstory says that she is married and her husband, apparently an adventurous sort, left to explore some "ruins in the north", thinking he would find valuable artifacts and return with a lot of money for his family. He never returned.

If one speaks to Arrille about Eldafire, he says that her husband "never gave her anything but a charming daughter".

Unfortunately when you speak to Eldafire, she refers to her child as a son. If you look at the child who is following her, you can clearly see that it's a girl, so Eldafire seems to be a little confused.***

*** Edited to add: My mistake. There is a male Altmer teen who is often play-sparring with a Dunmer boy on the path that leads to the lighthouse. That is the son who Eldafire is referring to.

Another change I made to my game was adding a texture and mess replacer for Goldbrand. I didn't have Aeronwen do the quest that awards Goldbrand in my previous play-through, which of course means I didn't write that into the fan-fiction. While looking at the images of the retexture I was thinking, "Here we go; something that I wish I had done differently for the fic. It would have worked well for Goldbrand to be Aeronwen's primary blade until she acquires Trueflame. I should have written her doing that quest into her story".

But that's just the way it goes. There is so much to do in Morrowind, both in the vanilla game and with the mods that the community makes. No matter how many times I might rewrite the story, there will ALWAYS be something that I wish I had added or done differently.

Speaking of The Archer's Tale, I've started transferring the Tribunal portion of the fic to [personal profile] lady_morningstar, which means I'm getting close to have the entire main quest transferred to Dreamwidth. Once the entire main quest is completely transferred and posted I'll need to think about what else I want to use that journal for.
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A sign that a character has started to level up a bit is when the spawn point that used to only produce mudcrabs now starts to spawn netches and cliff racers. Fortunately the CM Minor Quests mods adds agents who are buying netch leathers for armorers, so Aeronwen can still make money from hunting, but this is a sign that things are about to become a bit more dangerous. So Aeronwen needs to make sure her fighting skills are up high enough for her to defend herself if she starts meeting with diseased animals and thugs when she is traveling around in the wilderness.

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Aeronwen is now just about where she was in my previous short-lived game before deciding to install MGE, upgrade my Voryn Dagoth NPC to version 2, and then restart. At the time of this entry she is level three (not that levels matter since I use the GCD mod). She is renting a room at the Halfway Inn in Pelagiad. In the morning she goes and hunts mudcrabs which earns her about five hundred gold, then returns to her rented room where she practices her wood-working, sewing, and fletching crafting skills, and/or practicing some very weak Restoration and Illusion spells in order to improve that ability.

She has overcome her shyness enough to walk around town and chat with the locals as well as other Pelagiad visitors. In my imagination the "Admire" persuasion ability says "Pleasant Conversation". Using this of course increases her Speechcraft skill as well as her Personality attribute. When I was taking the screenshot for this entry, I noticed the voice greetings she receives have changed. When she first arrived in Pelagiad, the greetings were not exactly rude, but not all that friendly either. Now almost everyone is greeting her warmly and sound like they are genuinely glad to see her. For the roleplay I imagine that around this time most of the residents have either become curious about this violet-eyed newcomer and/or have begun to accept her as a member of their community.

As far as what she needs in order to strike out even further on her own, she has purchased all of the NoM cooking tools she needed as well as crafting tools. She also has recently purchased her pack-donkey. All she needs now is the ranger tent, which she needs to earn around 1300 gold for. But I'm not in a hurry to have her do that. Since I'm not working on the fanfic during this play through, I'm going to have her go at a much slower pace, stay in Pelagiad a while longer and do more side quests. I also installed the Sable Dragon mod, which will give her even more side quests to do.

At some point I will once again get Voryn from his starting cell and have him adventure with her, but I'm not sure when. For now I think keeping her with just her animal companions is good for her personal development.
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[Brought over from Live Journal]

I was at the Imperial Library website and reading the Tamriel Timeline which covers events that took place over the different eras. When I was reading over the Third Era and began to see birth-dates and events that are important to my Nerevarine character, I thought it would be amusing to work out the ages of Aeronwen and her father Helseth when certain events took place. Now math has never been one of my strengths so I might be off a few years but as far as I have been able to calculate:Read more... )
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One of the many things I love about Morrowind is how easy it is to decorate the area around your character. You don't need a special interface. You don't need to be in "decorating mode". You just take items from your inventory and place them however you like. You don't even have to have your character in his/her house! You can do this anywhere.

For example, at the moment in my current game, Aeronwen is renting a room at the Halfway Tavern. She's been earning a bit of gold each day by hunting mudcrabs and selling their meat to an agent who works for the Cook's Guild (added by the CM Minor Quests mod). In the evening she goes to her room and either works on sewing/wood working projects, or practicing casting Restoration and Illusion spells.

To make this tiny room that's she's renting feel a bit more homey, she's been placing small items that she's found on the window sills, and the bedside table. Aeronwen found some flowers on a shipwreck she explored, and instead of using them to practice her alchemy, she arranged them around the candle on the end-table just to make the area where she brushes her hair a little prettier.

Pay no attention to the ash statue. She found it on the same shipwreck as the flowers and she likes it for some reason. ;)

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For years I've wanted to use MGE (Morrowind Graphics Extender), but did not have a video card that got along with it. Eventually I got used to the idea that I couldn't use it and somewhat forgot about it. Then not long ago my computer was upgraded with a better, and different brand, of video card.

While browsing Nexus this weekend I saw some screenshots of Morrowind that were taken by those who use MGE and I decided it wouldn't hurt anything to see if the program would work on my current system. And it did. I was amazed when I got into the game. It was like seeing Vvardenfell for the first time. While roaming the wilderness not far from Seyna Need I could look to the south and see the towns of Vivec and Ebonheart!

To enjoy my game's new look I decided to start my game over and do a full playthrough. Now I can imagine the mutters now; "Here she goes. Just watch. She's going to take her fanfic entirely down and start reposting it".

Nope. There's no reason to do that. The fic really doesn't contain any scenic shots primarily because prior to using MGE my viewing distance wasn't very far. I reserve the write to add or replace a screenshot here and there throughout the story, but I'm not taking it down and redoing it.

Another reason I just restarted the game that I had started a couple of weeks ago is that I decided to upgrade my Voryn NPC a bit more. Therefore I needed to swap Voryn version 1 for Voryn version 2 and felt it best to just go back to a save before I had gotten the previous version from his starting cell. Unfortunately I hadn't kept any of those saves, so I needed to once again load the first save made right after character creation and go with that one. Fortunately I had only gotten to level 5 and Aeronwen was still living in Pelagiad, so not a lot lost.

Again, I'm not rewriting anything, but I admit that Aeronwen's first visit to Ald'ruhn would have been written differently if she had been able to see the Ghostfence from town like she can now.

This is where she is in the game that I restarted yesterday. Aerownen has begun her fifth day on Vvardenfell, has visited all of the Blades Trainers, has adopted the orphaned fox cub Rey, and is now heading south through the Ascadian Isles toward Pelagiad.

I love the way the ground cover moves when Aeronwen walks through it.

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