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Over the weekend I added a fancy clothing store to Crow's Rock Castle. The store sells cloaks, cavalier hats, frock-coats and satin gowns, plus some "broaches" which can be used on the clothes to add points to charisma and persuasion skills. I also added the "Tailoring" dummies that were added by Project Q which allows the player to change the colors and styles of their clothing and cloaks. My Princess character wasted a good bit of time trying on fancy dresses and formal cloaks before settling on an outfit which suited her.

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After she purchased her fancy noble's clothes, she headed over to the side of town where the poor and penniless live to test a quest I'm working on (bad timing, I know).

The first quest I'm recreating from Sacred is "Helping the Poor", a very basic "fetch and deliver" quest. A woman named Tindra Opal lives in the poor quarter of Crows Rock Castle. Her daughter is very sick. In order to brew some medicine for her daughter, Tindra needs an herb which happens to grow near the Keep. Unfortunately Tindra doesn't have a coin to her name, and the poor are not allowed to leave the poor quarter. This is where the player comes in. Compassionate characters can agree to go over to the keep and gather the herb from the flowering plants that grow there.

Being a poor commoner, Tindra doesn't have anything to offer the player for a reward, but the quest does give some experience and some points toward a Good alignment. is my thoughtless Princess in her new fancy clothes speaking with poor Tindra. The NPCs who have been placed in this area of Crows Rock Castle are all in very plain clothes and tattered cloaks.

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Being in the game to test the scripts for this quest reminded me that I still have to build the interior for the Crows Rock tavern. Prince and Princess characters are welcome to a guest room within the Keep if they wish to rest for the night, but commoner adventurers will have to rent a room at the inn, or camp in the wilderness outside the castle walls.

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