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I haven't forgotten about or abandoned this blog. The reason I haven't felt like writing entries is because of the ear issues I have been dealing with since the middle of March. This past Thursday I finally went to see my doctor and she feels I have been dealing with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. She put me on antibiotics and as of this morning I appear to finally be on the mend. My ear is still creaking a little, but it no longer feels plugged up and the dizziness is gone.

Now that the symptoms I've been living with appear to finally be fading away I hope to get back to regular updating. LOTRO just celebrating its tenth anniversary and my characters are currently working their way through the Scavenger Hunt quests. As I type this, my two groups of level 63 characters are working on one of the "Year Five" quest.

I am hopeful that they can do enough quests to get the Friendly Deer pet and the Majestic White Stag pet. As I've mentioned before, the only single thing the LOTRO lacks for me is the ability for my main character to have a deer pet. If Glorawenn can get those deer, LOTRO really will have given me everything I've ever wanted from a game.

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