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Yesterday my fellowship managed to achieve Kindred status with the Malladhrim (a faction of Lothlorien Elves who have ventured into Mirkwood). The faction offers two mounts which can be bartered for. Being a hunter who likes to keep to the shadows when tracking the enemy, Glorawenn chose the Smokey Black Steed.

Andranel went with the other mount which I will share screens of in the next entry. Glorawenn, Andranel, and Calcia also all received the Elf Ambassador's Horse which is a reward for reaching Kindred with all three of the elven factions (Elves of Rivendell, Galadhrim (Lothlorien), and Malladhrim (Mirkwood). Screens of this meta-deed mount will also be shared in a future entry.

For now, here are screens of Glorawenn's new smokey black steed. I know the lighting isn't great in these shots, but Mirkwood is a dark forest unlike the Golden Wood of Lothlorien.



In this screen it appears that the horse has caught the offensive scent of wargs and orcs.



Those who read my Live Journal blog or followed me on Twitter know that I usually prefer palomino horse for Glorawenn to go with the meaning of her name (Gold Maiden), but I have to admit, this shadowy horse with its simple fur and leather trappings goes perfectly with a hunter who wants to move unseen through an enemy infested forest.

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