January 1st, 2017

crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (LOTRO Deer)
This weekend it was discovered that Live Journal servers have been moved to Russia.

As some people have said in the comments of the entry I linked, it's quite likely that Live Journal might decide to shut down the English side of the site. Although I'm not writing any more new entries on Live Journal, I've been using their Scrapbook feature to post images here since that is one feature that Dreamwidth does not offer. At least not yet (I am aware of the "email image, get a link" option, but I'd like more control over my images than that).

Because of this news I'm very hesitant to post any more entries that have images since it's quite possible that those images will suddenly disappear. And unfortunately not being able to share images really limits me since I use this blog for sharing my artwork, screenshots from LOTRO, or images from the Neverwinter Nights module I've been building. Talking about such things just isn't the same without including illustrative images.

And so, there's not much else I can do other than shop around and try to find another place for image hosting until the day that Dreamwidth adds a scrapbook feature, assuming they ever do.

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