January 6th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (LOTRO Deer)
Now that it's known that the license for LOTRO has been renewed I've taken some time to work a bit more on my Neverwinter Nights module. Before doing so I saw that Project Q has now been updated to version 2.2. And so after making backups of the version I was previously using, I downloaded the new Q files. So far the module has not exploded or crashed the Toolset.

Before adding any more regions however I'm going to need to carefully comb through the entire module and see if anything changed. Scripts and journal entries should not be affected. Mainly it's a visual issue, so I'll be checking to make sure that a pen of cattle didn't didn't turn into a pen of orcs, or sheep weren't turned into chickens, etc. I don't really think anything like that happened. The people behind Q are very careful, but it doesn't hurt to check each of Ancaria's residents to make sure they are all still who they are supposed to be.

A spawn trigger I plan to make use of in the graveyards is the "Risen Dead". Instead of the skeleton or zombie just appearing out of thin air, the player hears the gravedirt crumbling, there's a bit of a dirt spay and the undead creature pulls itself up out of the grave before attacking. It's quite an impressive animation and works so flawlessly that one would think that it had been a part of vanilla Neverwinter Nights.

After I finish inspecting the module for any changes that came with Q 2.2 I'll resume work on the areas which surround the Mascarell barony.

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