January 17th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (Bugler Elk)
For the past week I've been considering creating an account on either TinyPic or Imgur. I've been wanting to write more frequent entries here but am finding that not having image hosting is really limiting me. I like to show what I'm working on rather than just writing about it.

For example; my current painting features a swan who I was fortunate enough to get lost of good photographs of during last autumn's trip to Yellowstone. The background is done, the swan herself is blocked in and I've been working on the shading, highlights, and details, starting with her beak and face and going down her neck. I want to be able to show a sneak peek of the painting, featuring a close up of the details I'm talking about.

Another example; if I am building some ruins or a forested area using one of the newly released texture sets for the NwN toolset, I want to include a screenshot showing what I built using the sets that the talented modders at the NwN Vault have submitted.

I guess this isn't so surprising. I'm a visual artist, so images play a big part in how I communicate. Sure, I could still use the Live Journal scrapbook, but I don't think the English side of Live Journal is going to be there much longer, and putting images of my original art there is out of the question now that the servers are in Russia. Their copyright laws are quite different from America. If I put pictures of my art there, the people who now have the servers have full rights and can do whatever they want with it.

So I will have to at least temporarily use the options I mentioned at the start of this entry. Who knows? Perhaps by the time I do it, Dreamwidth will be ready to have the image hosting that they have been working on go live.

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