February 9th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (Bugler Elk)
The search for new image hosting is really getting annoying. For the past few weeks TinyPic seemed to serve its purpose, but now any time I try to upload an image I get "Upload failed. Cannot process image".

The images are the correct format. They are an acceptable size. I am not out of room on my account. What doesn't help is that the site doesn't seem to have a forum or any other way of finding out if this is a site-wide problem and if they are aware of it. I guess I should try out Imgur and see if it works any better.

What I really hate about Imgur and TinyPic is they have the tiresome "like" options. I'm not interested in having my artwork and gaming screenshots in a popularity contest. I just want a place to upload them so I can display them in my blogs. That doesn't seem like too much to ask for, does it?

Edited to add: Based on the recent [site community profile] dw_maintenance entry, Dreamwidth is about have image hosting. This is wonderful news.

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