February 18th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: (Mascarell Deer)
I managed to get the full conversation needed for the "Runaway Mules" quest done, so now it's on to the next quest for the village of Faeries Crossing. One of the reasons I'm able to set these quests up quickly is because I use Vuldrick's Universal Quest system. This system consists of about eight reusable scripts which can be used for any event which is needed for a quest. Through the use of variables that are placed on NPCs, monsters, triggers, and objects, these scripts can be used to spawn quest-related monsters, advance the quest's stage, give rewards, give objects, take objects, and have the conversation starting conditionals and actions-taken scripts fire. So far I've built nearly forty quests, all using these eight scripts. When each quest has no need for its own set of scripts, this goes a long way toward keeping the module from expanding to an unmanageable size.
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