March 8th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: (DeMordrey Raven)
Now that Faeries Crossing is finished I can move on to a new area. Although there are other villages in the Mascarell barony, I'm keeping the path of the module's main quest as the priority and have moved on to the next step of the main quest's journey; Crows Rock Castle, the capital of the DeMordrey barony.

This is a toolset view of the area. Admittedly it doesn't look that large or impressive in this image, but when I checked it in the game I was pleased to see that it gave the feel of a crowded, sprawling town.

The area as well as the quest events are going to take some time to complete. The town needs details such as lampposts, NPCs, and merchant stalls. As for the quest conversations and scripting, they are going to require some careful planning because at this point the questline can branch in different directions depending on whether the player character is a prince, princess, or commoner adventurer. Baron DeMordrey's conversation file will have a variable system which will be similar to the conversations of the henchmen that appear in the Shadows of Undretide and Hordes of the Underdark. For example, if the player is a princess character and she behaves like a vulgar tramp, the Baron's "like" variables will go down and he will respond accordingly.

I'm sure that the Script Generator and I will frequently be working together throughout the process of building this section of Ancaria.

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