April 13th, 2017

crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (Mule Deer Doe)
While taking a walk this morning I saw a whitetail doe and a small flock of mallard ducks standing in a partial circle with their heads together. They seemed to be conducting a secret meeting. I hope they aren't conspiring against us.
crown_of_antlers: A deer from LOTRO (LOTRO Deer)
Calicia, who has been questing in Enedwaith with Glorawenn and Andranel, recently completed all of the deeds for that area, including the "Little Wonders" deed. She now proudly wears the "Little Wonder" title.

To celebrate, she went to the skirmish camp in Enedwaith and bartered for a new outfit; the chest and leggings from the Dunlammed set. She almost bought the hat, but decided to stick with the one that she's been wearing since she helped the small town of Archet fight off a gang of brigands.Read more... )

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