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LOTRO's 2016 Yule Festival started yesterday, and Glorawenn promptly headed for Frostbluff to get the new steed. She's currently working to get the warsteed cosmetics in case I ever manage to get her to a high enough level to get a warsteed (I started playing LOTRO two years ago this week and I'm still no there yet).



Admittedly I raised an eyebrow at the candles in the antlers, but the look is growing on me.


The developers also added a robe and cloak which is meant to go with this steed. They look adorable on my hobbit characters, but I really don't like robes on my elven hunter, so I put another outfit together. Incidentally, I have this same outfit (dyed umber) on my male elven Lore Master, and he wears it quite well. ;)




Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word dyed sienna, Skirmish Camp, Cosmetic Barterer.
Shoulders of the Deathstorm dyed gold, Skirmish Camp Heavy Armor Barterer.
Cloak of the Autumn Wood dyed sienna, lotro store.
Magestic Marchwarden's Potent Armor dyed sienna, crafted.
Magestic Marchwarden's Tactical Gloves dyed sienna, crafted.
Magestic Marchwarden's Resilient Leggings dyed sienna, crafted.
Ceremonial Boots of the Quiet Step dyed sienna, Skirmish camp Cosmetic Vendor.

In between doing quests to earn tokens, Glorawenn and her steed can be seen playing in the snow.


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