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The town isn't yet as populated as I would like, but it's getting there and is no longer just a group of buildings surrounded by a tall stone wall.

The town blacksmith goes about his day working at his forge. While he works, his bored wife wanders around town complaining about the gloomy weather. The smith and his wife both go back to their home at night.

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The woman in this screenshot is the wife of one of the DeMordrey guards. While her husband guards the keep's entrance, she works in her tiny garden. She takes a break now and then to go to the center of town to chat with the potion merchant.

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In front of the keep (and next to the town gallows) are stalls for the potion merchant and general merchant. Using store waypoints, I'm able to simulate the town's citizens stopping by to browse the shop-owners' merchandise. When passing through here the player can see both regular residents and traveling mercenaries wandering around.

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Once I'm done adding ambient citizens and tweaking their behavior, I need to stock the stores so that merchants actually have something to sell. Then I need to add the quest givers who are lurking behind buildings and in shadowy corners.

On another note entirely, I am beyond sick of dealing with this sinus infection. My head always feels like it's being squeezed and my ears keep popping. I can't remember ever having an early spring cold that feels as bad as the one I've been dealing with this year.
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