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Have I mentioned how much I love the NPC Activities scripts? Silly question; I've frequently mentioned how much I love this versatile system for setting up my NPCs.

Now that Crow's Rock Castle is feeling like a populated city, I've been adding some details to the waypoints used by the NPCs to create the illusion that they really do have lives of their own that go on when the player isn't around.

In my previous entry I included a screenshot of a wife of one of the guards working in her tiny garden. I gave the couple a daughter who wanders around nearby during the day. Her father is on duty near the merchant stalls, and occasionally this little girl - who is carrying a loved and worn out ragdoll - goes over to say hello to her father.

"Papa" goes off duty at night and goes back to his house along with his wife and daughter.

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I added a dog to the blacksmith's family. This loyal canine hangs around the forge during the day, then follows his master back to the house when it's time to close up the shop for the night.

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I still need to do some work on the area of town that is called the "Poor Quarter". As the name suggests, this is where the citizens who barely have two coins to rub together live. Many of the residents only come out at night as they seek to earn a few coins in whatever way they can.

One such resident, a red-haired woman named Leah Joyce, resides here. She calls herself a seamstress, but discreetly engages in the world's oldest profession to make ends meet. Now and then she goes over to the canal where one can see the keep and laments about how the Baron and his courtiers live in splendor while people like herself live in hovels.

Leah is one of the area's quest-givers and I'll have to decide how to have her react if she somehow discovers that the player is the Prince/Princess of Braverock. She may be reluctant to trust a player who is one of the nobility. Leah would likely be especially wary of the princess since she is the Baron's betrothed.

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Anyway, that's what's going on in Crow's Rock Castle as of today. With the ambient NPCs finished and going about their routines, it's nearly time for me to start working on the dialog for the quest givers.

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