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2017-10-16 10:14 am
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Steed of the Gloaming Autumn

We got back from our trip out west in time to take part in LOTRO's Fall Festival. That means that it's time for my characters to saddle up their Steeds of Gloaming Autumn. Since this is last year's festival steed it means that this is the last time players will able to barter for it with tokens earned through the festival. After this players who want this steed will have to use Mithril Coins.

My characters who are taking part in the festival are all riding this steed and dressed in same outfit that Glorawenn is wearing (the male characters are wearing the tunic and trousers version of this particular cosmetic).

Body: Gown of Autumn Nights
Cloak: Spooky Cloak of the Bat
Head: Harvest Brew Circlet.
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2017-09-19 02:12 pm
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Current Wallpaper

I'm using this screenshot as my current desktop wallpaper; Glorawenn (gold maiden) on her gold-pinto Steed of the Yield.

When she finally gets her warsteed I plan to make it look like this. The horse and rider look so good together.
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2017-09-17 03:21 pm
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A Stag Totem

Glorawenn added a Stag Totem to her front yard. Her white stag pet approves.

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2017-09-11 02:08 pm
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The Steed of Rivendell and the Scout's Weathered Jacket

I'm still doing outfit and mount matching. Glorawenn, who is currently questing in Dunland, recently received the Scout's Weathered Jacket as a quest reward. Dyed turquoise, the jacket goes well with the Steed of Rivendell.

Since Credella is Glorawenn's mini-me, she has also dyed her Weathered Jacket turquoise to match her Steed of Rivendell pony.

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2017-09-09 09:22 am

Hopefully I can get back to regularly updating this blog

This is more or less cross-posted from my Morrowind fanfic journal:

For the past several months I've been dealing with an unpleasant illness known as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. If you've never heard of it and look it up, believe me when I say that it feels much worse than it sounds. Along with the normal ETD symptoms, I had a bad reaction to the prescription nasal sprays that I was using. Not only did I experience the "rebound" effect (which means that the symptoms faded a little, then came back stronger than ever), but the medicine severely dried out my eyes to the point that I have been unable to do much of anything. I have not worked on a painting for my wildlife art shops in months. I've been unable to look at a computer screen for more than a few seconds. When "watching" a movie I've had to sit with my eyes closed and just listen to it. These past months have been absolutely miserable as eustachian tube dysfunction made me feel as though as I were a prisoner in my body.

This past week my doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics that so far seem to be doing the trick (this is day four out of ten days). My right eye feels normal. My left eye still feels a little dry, but no longer feels as though someone is stabbing my eye-socket with a sharp object.

I'm still having some issues in my middle ear, but we're leaving for our annual trip to the mountains in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that the thin mountain air will finish the job of clearing up my sinuses and eustachian tubes.

Before leaving, I'll try to get as many chapters of my Morrowind fic edited with their new Dreamwidth image links and re-posted at [personal profile] lady_morningstar as I can before leaving for Yellowstone in about two weeks.

And hopefully I can go back to writing about LOTRO and other things that spark my interest in this blog.
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2017-07-10 10:08 am
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The Lost Temple

My husband and I had our LOTRO characters venture into the Lost Temple instance yesterday. While exploring, I noticed this impressive view and had to take a screenshot.

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2017-06-28 12:38 pm
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The Sunflower Steed

Here is this year's Summer Festival Steed. I like the fact that the head is mostly uncovered except for a normal looking halter/bridle.

Not only did Glorwenn barter for this steed, she also got all of the corresponding pieces for her future war-steed (except for the huge basket of sunflowers).

Edited to add: Here is Calicia with the pony version of the steed.

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2017-06-23 11:49 am
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Glorawenn and Her Mini-Me Credella

Typically my Hobbit hunter Credella adventures with my Second String fellowship (consisting of my elven Warden Caladwyn, my elven Minstrel Manastian, and of course Credella). But occasionally she crosses paths with her idol; my elven hunter Glorawenn.

They are wearing the same armor and each riding the Steed of the Yield.

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2017-06-17 08:14 am
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Shirefest - Day One

Glorawenn and Andranel spent all of yesterday afternoon and the early part of the evening dancing to the music of Shirefest's talented musicians. They were shocked and appalled however when the band Struck By Moonlight was joined on the stage by a strip-teasing dwarf. Thankfully the dwarf at least left his pants on. (This wasn't a troll. The song they were playing was in fact about a dwarf who liked to strip tease, and the song's lyrics including begging the dwarf to leave his pants on. So he was in fact part of the show.)

My elves may have been shocked and appalled by the stripping dwarf, but I thought it was funny, especially when other members of the audience started yelling, "MY EYES! MY EYES!"
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2017-06-15 11:05 am
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Her Crown of Antlers

The process wasn't always easy, but Glorawenn managed to finish the Scavenger Hunt series and get her "Crown of Antlers" pet.

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2017-06-12 12:15 pm
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More Mount Matching

This is another unexpected outfit and mount match.

Shoulders : Lesser Shoulder Guards of Dungost (sienna)
Chest: Lesser Breastplate of Dungost (sienna)
Legs: Lesser Leggings of Dungost (sienna)
Feet: Ceremonial Memory of the West Boots (rust)
Hands: Bracers of the Gentle Stag (sienna)
Back: Sturdy Elven Quiver (sienna)

Horse: Steed of the Yield
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2017-06-11 12:02 pm
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Shirefest on Crickhollow

It's that time of year again; Shirefest
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2017-06-06 11:17 am
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Gold on Gold

Being a Mirkwood Wood Elf, Andranel normally wears clothing and armor which has been dyed shades of green or brown, but I decided to try matching the Robe of the Learned Stag with the Prized Malledhrim Horse. I was pleasantly surprised to find that with the robe dyed gold, it goes perfectly with the trappings on this mount.

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2017-05-30 03:10 pm
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She's a Happy Hobbit Now

While browsing the items at the auction house this afternoon, Calicia found a pet cow that another player had posted for sale. Without hesitation, she handed over the required amount of gold and the cow was hers. Calicia is a happy Hobbit lass now.

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2017-05-26 12:03 pm
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Poor Calicia

I was beginning to think that my level 64 characters just might be able to do all of the anniversary scavenger hunt quests, but alas it was not to be. Year Seven's quests were released yesterday and none of my characters are high enough to do any of the quests. Not only is Glorawenn, my wood elf hunter, very disappointed that she won't be able to get the White Stag pet, but Calicia is bitterly disappointed that she can't get the cow pet which is the reward for Year Seven's quests.

I hope the LOTRO developers are happy; they made a Hobbit lass cry.

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2017-05-16 09:35 am

Hopefully I'm on the mend

I haven't forgotten about or abandoned this blog. The reason I haven't felt like writing entries is because of the ear issues I have been dealing with since the middle of March. This past Thursday I finally went to see my doctor and she feels I have been dealing with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. She put me on antibiotics and as of this morning I appear to finally be on the mend. My ear is still creaking a little, but it no longer feels plugged up and the dizziness is gone.

Now that the symptoms I've been living with appear to finally be fading away I hope to get back to regular updating. LOTRO just celebrating its tenth anniversary and my characters are currently working their way through the Scavenger Hunt quests. As I type this, my two groups of level 63 characters are working on one of the "Year Five" quest.

I am hopeful that they can do enough quests to get the Friendly Deer pet and the Majestic White Stag pet. As I've mentioned before, the only single thing the LOTRO lacks for me is the ability for my main character to have a deer pet. If Glorawenn can get those deer, LOTRO really will have given me everything I've ever wanted from a game.
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2017-04-18 10:17 am
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The Prized Gray Company Steed

I primarily write about what my First String Fellowship is doing, but the Second String Fellowship is also questing in Enedwaith right now. My warden Caladwyn is quite fond of her new mount, the Prized Gray Company Steed, which uses the same model as the Steed of the Dusk Watch, and the Prized Esteldin Horse (which is Glorawenn's favorite horse).

To be honest I wish more LOTRO steeds were like the Esteldin/Dusk Watch/Gray Company horse with just a basic saddle, saddle packs, saddle pad, and not much covering the horse's head other than the bridle. I like being able to see the actual horse and not have it entirely covered with garish trappings. The only thing I would change about this particular horse model is I would have the mane hanging down loose rather than in a tight braid.
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2017-04-13 05:53 pm
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Calcia, the Little Wonder

Calicia, who has been questing in Enedwaith with Glorawenn and Andranel, recently completed all of the deeds for that area, including the "Little Wonders" deed. She now proudly wears the "Little Wonder" title.

To celebrate, she went to the skirmish camp in Enedwaith and bartered for a new outfit; the chest and leggings from the Dunlammed set. She almost bought the hat, but decided to stick with the one that she's been wearing since she helped the small town of Archet fight off a gang of brigands.Read more... )
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2017-04-13 03:01 pm

A Secret Wildlife Meeting?

While taking a walk this morning I saw a whitetail doe and a small flock of mallard ducks standing in a partial circle with their heads together. They seemed to be conducting a secret meeting. I hope they aren't conspiring against us.
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2017-04-11 10:24 pm
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I created some LOTRO fan art, starring Andranel my Lore Master. I gave him the hair I wish the characters could have in the game.