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Over the weekend I added a fancy clothing store to Crow's Rock Castle. The store sells cloaks, cavalier hats, frock-coats and satin gowns, plus some "broaches" which can be used on the clothes to add points to charisma and persuasion skills. I also added the "Tailoring" dummies that were added by Project Q which allows the player to change the colors and styles of their clothing and cloaks. My Princess character wasted a good bit of time trying on fancy dresses and formal cloaks before settling on an outfit which suited her.Read more... )
crown_of_antlers: (DeMordrey Raven)
The town isn't yet as populated as I would like, but it's getting there and is no longer just a group of buildings surrounded by a tall stone wall. Read more... )

On another note entirely, I am beyond sick of dealing with this sinus infection. My head always feels like it's being squeezed and my ears keep popping. I can't remember ever having an early spring cold that feels as bad as the one I've been dealing with this year.


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