crown_of_antlers: (Harmony - Palomino Horse)
I primarily write about what my First String Fellowship is doing, but the Second String Fellowship is also questing in Enedwaith right now. My warden Caladwyn is quite fond of her new mount, the Prized Gray Company Steed, which uses the same model as the Steed of the Dusk Watch, and the Prized Esteldin Horse (which is Glorawenn's favorite horse).

To be honest I wish more LOTRO steeds were like the Esteldin/Dusk Watch/Gray Company horse with just a basic saddle, saddle packs, saddle pad, and not much covering the horse's head other than the bridle. I like being able to see the actual horse and not have it entirely covered with garish trappings. The only thing I would change about this particular horse model is I would have the mane hanging down loose rather than in a tight braid.


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