February 21st, 2017

crown_of_antlers: (DeMordrey Raven)
Two out of Faeries Crossings' five quests are now completely finished, so now it's on to number three; "Ronin".

At the time the module's story is taking place, soldiers from all three baronies are deserting their posts. Some are becoming mercenaries for the Sakaara cult. Others are simply becoming thugs and attacking travelers. In Sacred, the soldiers who deserted from the DeMordrey barony are called the "DeMordrey Ronins".

When playing Sacred, players start seeing the ronins as they travel north from Porto Vallum to Faeries Crossing. Within the village, the Mascarell commander who has been assigned to Faeries Crossing asks the player to go north across the river bridge and defeat a large gang of ronins which are about to cross the bridge and attack the commoners. And that is how this quest has been recreated in my module. Cut for image and length )

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