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We got back from our trip out west in time to take part in LOTRO's Fall Festival. That means that it's time for my characters to saddle up their Steeds of Gloaming Autumn. Since this is last year's festival steed it means that this is the last time players will able to barter for it with tokens earned through the festival. After this players who want this steed will have to use Mithril Coins.

My characters who are taking part in the festival are all riding this steed and dressed in same outfit that Glorawenn is wearing (the male characters are wearing the tunic and trousers version of this particular cosmetic).

Body: Gown of Autumn Nights
Cloak: Spooky Cloak of the Bat
Head: Harvest Brew Circlet.
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I'm still doing outfit and mount matching. Glorawenn, who is currently questing in Dunland, recently received the Scout's Weathered Jacket as a quest reward. Dyed turquoise, the jacket goes well with the Steed of Rivendell.

Since Credella is Glorawenn's mini-me, she has also dyed her Weathered Jacket turquoise to match her Steed of Rivendell pony.

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Typically my Hobbit hunter Credella adventures with my Second String fellowship (consisting of my elven Warden Caladwyn, my elven Minstrel Manastian, and of course Credella). But occasionally she crosses paths with her idol; my elven hunter Glorawenn.

They are wearing the same armor and each riding the Steed of the Yield.

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This is another unexpected outfit and mount match.

Shoulders : Lesser Shoulder Guards of Dungost (sienna)
Chest: Lesser Breastplate of Dungost (sienna)
Legs: Lesser Leggings of Dungost (sienna)
Feet: Ceremonial Memory of the West Boots (rust)
Hands: Bracers of the Gentle Stag (sienna)
Back: Sturdy Elven Quiver (sienna)

Horse: Steed of the Yield
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Being a Mirkwood Wood Elf, Andranel normally wears clothing and armor which has been dyed shades of green or brown, but I decided to try matching the Robe of the Learned Stag with the Prized Malledhrim Horse. I was pleasantly surprised to find that with the robe dyed gold, it goes perfectly with the trappings on this mount.

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Calicia, who has been questing in Enedwaith with Glorawenn and Andranel, recently completed all of the deeds for that area, including the "Little Wonders" deed. She now proudly wears the "Little Wonder" title.

To celebrate, she went to the skirmish camp in Enedwaith and bartered for a new outfit; the chest and leggings from the Dunlammed set. She almost bought the hat, but decided to stick with the one that she's been wearing since she helped the small town of Archet fight off a gang of brigands.Read more... )
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LOTRO's 2016 Yule Festival started yesterday, and Glorawenn promptly headed for Frostbluff to get the new steed. She's currently working to get the warsteed cosmetics in case I ever manage to get her to a high enough level to get a warsteed (I started playing LOTRO two years ago this week and I'm still no there yet).

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As my fellowship of characters moves deeper into Mirkwood, they have upgraded their cosmetic armor to help them blend better with their surroundings. Hopefully the orcs, wargs, and goblins which have infested the forest won't see them coming.


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